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CO2 absorption

Direct capture of CO2 from the air.

The Oraquel Mobile Absorber Reactor is able to capture and safely store up to 500 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Reduction of CO2 emissions.

We implement technologies to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air. The Reactor we designed uses renewable energy generated using mobile water turbines, mobile photovoltaic panel installations or directly from the power grid.



Solar energy

Energy from the sun anywhere on earth, without the formalities as a mobile portable device.

A set of photovoltaic panels in a mobile container, guaranteeing electricity anywhere on earth, without unnecessary and time-consuming bureaucracy.

Mobile containers with photovoltaic panels, foldable like origami, easy to transport, assemble and dismantle.



71% of our planet's surface is covered by water, an infinite clean and easily accessible source of energy.

Compact mobile portable turbine.

A low-speed, deep-sea water turbine, powered by water gravity, offers a unique opportunity to produce clean, cheap and easily accessible electricity.

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