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We have developed an original reactor that directly captures CO2 from the air and stores it in special filters or external storage facilities. We are at the stage of testing and implementing our reactors. CO2 absorbing reactors are devices that consume huge amounts of energy, which is why we used renewable sources of electricity in our reactors, such as water and solar energy. Why we need direct capturing CO2 from the air? Reports from the International Panel on Climate Change clearly state that urgent climate action is needed to halve emissions by 2030. To do this, we must both drastically reduce emissions and remove older CO2 emissions from the air. To permanently remove the CO2 emissions we capture, we combine our absorption technology with alternative energy, absorbing CO2 using only clean energy.

What are the advantages of direct air capture:

A detailed solution, whether natural or technological, has its advantages. This is important so that each device works synergistically with the others if they have a beneficial effect on the climate.

Here are the advantages of direct air capture: The concentration of CO2 in the air everywhere in the world is different, higher or lower, mobile reactors have the ability to capture CO2 in places with the highest concentrations. Oraquel reactors can be launched anywhere on earth without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Our assumptions are based on a modular technological structure, which makes access to our devices extremely simple.

How much CO2 do our machines capture:

Our single reactor can remove up to 500 tons of CO2 from the air per year, almost 125 times more than trees.




In our newly globalized world, we can take advantage of all the opportunities that modern technology gives us. We can overcome our greedy nature and play this game fairly, to the benefit of all.

High-quality removal of carbon dioxide from the air using direct capture technology and clean renewable energy. Under the highest standards, a credible, science-based net zero strategy must combine both emissions reductions and active removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Our technology of directly capturing carbon dioxide from the air using renewable energy sources to power reactors, in the form of mobile photovoltaic containers and water turbines, removes unavoidable and historic CO2 from the air.



The effects of melting ice will be felt not only in the Arctic. The resulting rising sea levels threaten floods even in countries as far away as the Maldives, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. This kind of domino effect makes climate change not only a regional, but also a global problem.




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